Pitbull is the Hero of Miami

1399744494pitbull_2The Miami born rapper, Pitbull is an ultimate rags to riches tale. He never forgot where he started and he loves Miami through and through. That is why is the cities hero and is working to help the U.S. Latin American hub become a place for technological innovation. As the key note speaker at eMerge, the five day TechWeek conference he said, “I’ve applied everything I’ve learned to this city. Our city was never respected when it came to music, even though we were big parts of history. When you have people like 2 Live Crew…maybe their music wasn’t accepted…but you have someone like Luther Campbell who fought for the First Amendment. That gave us a chance to rap about what we wanna rap about. I feel like he got stripped of his history. I said if I ever wanted to be something in Miami I needed to go through the King of Miami; so I started dealing with Luther Campbell.

One thing that Lu’ taught me was an independent state of mind. He was putting out his own music with no label. And that’s why we’re here today.” Pitbull believes that Miami can take this independent spirit to dominate the tech industry. He said in his speech that as California holds Silicon Valley, Miami is “going to be Silicon Paradise!” Pitbull’s experience is in the music industry, but he seemed confident that what he was able to do in the music scene in Miami is possible for the technology scene. Miami holds the potential to be a place where start-ups can flourish, future oriented businesses can grow, and a general attitude of innovation is celebrated. Look out Miami Pitbull is inspiring others with big plans for your future. Thankfully, his dreams for the city are not that far fetched and hopefully more and more companies will be working towards a tech savvy future for the three-oh-five.