Flayvr Working on Fundraising

flayvr-logoFlayvr came before Apple started organizing your photos into “moments.” The start-up, based in Tel Aviv was formed to organize our every growing collection of pictures. It works by automatically organizing photos and videos from your smart phone into albums that you can then share easily with family and friends and those on your social networks. The company has plans to grow and therefore has conducted a large fundraising campaign that has earned them $2 million to keep expanding. Right now about 2 million smartphone users use the app and that number is expected to grow with the new funding. The money came from a variety of sources including regional investors like Kaedan Capital, Moshe Lichtman, Aviv Venture Capital, iAngels, and angel investors Rafi Gidron, Zohar Gilon, Yariv Gilat, and Partam Hightech. Before this big campaign, Flayvr raised $450,000 from Israeli angel investors.

The app is available for iOS and Android and has lived longer than some of the similar competition in the photo organizing app business. The competition includes organizational tools like Everpix, Snapjoy, Batch, and Flock. Once Flayvr is installed on your phone it effectively takes over as your photo gallery to view and browse the pictures you have taken. To organize the photos it analyzes the context of each picture from data from social, behavioral, user-generated, geolocation, computer vision, and time-based clues. Once Flayvr has organized the pictures its easy to upload to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, email, or iMessage. Other features of the app include a slow fade in/out of pictures to see many photos in an album quickly, without having to scroll through.

With the newly fundraised money, the company would like to double its team from 5 to 10 and expand more in the United States. Eventually, they would like to have most of their business operating on cloud technology to extend the platform. Even though the new Apple OS does something similar to Flayvr, the company is confident that it will only boost their sales because it stresses that this type of service has become necessary.