The (New) New Macbook Pro

It wouldn’t be a successful Fall season if Apple hadn’t released its latest product: the new Macbook Pro. Although they get better each year, this one is a must see (or touch). Apple unveiled the new Macbook Pros on October 27 at an event in San Francisco.

Although the Macbook Pros are still aluminum all the way around, they take up a lot less space and volume. Both models (13-inch and 15-inch), are about half a pound lighter than the previous models, while including a faster Intel Core processor. The new Macbook Pro also includes a huge trackpad for the mouse. The trackpad continues to use force touch, but allows users the convenience of more space to interact on the pad. Apple calls it “the lightest Macbook Pro ever with a more responsive keyboard.” The Macbook also includes an improved Retina display that is 67% brighter than the last Macbook Pro. It allows for saving power with improved LED lights. Apple says it “consumes 30% less energy than before.” The speakers have also been improved have “more true to life sound” and be louder than ever.

apple logoOne of the most intensive changes that were made to the new Macbook pro is implementing iPhone and iPad elements into the notebook. In other words, there are no more function keys at the top of the keyboard. The new multi-touch bar allows you to take control of your notebook and work at ease without the inconvenience of having your cellphone with you at all times. All functions can be used through the OLED strip and are customizable to your preferences. You can also customize it include emojis, answer/ decline phone calls, include autocorrect, and most importantly, uses the Touch ID sensor. You can use it to securely log into your computer and/or applications with the touch of your finger. The custom feature allows you to add your most used apps for easier access on the computer and you can also use it to scroll through multiple apps, photos, or websites faster. This also allows you to become more interactive with your work.  In other words, the new touch bar allows you to customize your shortcuts and function buttons for better convenience.

Although this may be a notebook like never before, the entry prices are like never before either. Apple is selling the new Macbook pro with no touchscreen beginning at $1499. But who want’s a laptop with no touchscreen? The second version of the laptop with the touchID strip starts at $1799 (for the 13-inch) or $2399 (for the 15-inch). No wonder it took them so long to upgrade. The new Macbook Pro is a game changer.