Doug MacFaddin

Doug MacFaddin is a dedicated and adept real estate professional based out of New York City. He is currently the Director of the Meier Team at Corcoran Group where he assists in a bevy of Doug MacFaddin Baseball Photodifferent activities and projects for the team. He assists in software development, contract negotiations and other day-to-day activities, such as client communications. His outstanding work throughout a variety of industries has granted him a successful and lengthy career.

Throughout this lengthy career, Doug has maintained integrity and a strong work-ethic, ensuring that each and every project that he has worked on has been completed with the utmost care and professionalism. His past positions include jobs in the finance, software, business development and video game industries. Doug’s first position out of college was as an analyst for Salomon Brothers. From there, Doug MacFaddin showed his adept ability to link logistically and devise intuitive and simple solutions to otherwise complex financial problems. He quickly rose through the ranks of the financial world and became a vice president at multiple high-profile financial institutions. He would then leave the financial world and follow his entrepreneurial spirits to form PhotoOne Software, a software program specifically tailored to the needs of professional photographers. He served as the company’s CEO until it was purchased by StudioPlus Software. He eventually entered the world of digital media and gaming when he became the director of business development at Pando Networks. Once that company was purchased by Reloaded Games where Doug took over as vice president of corporate development. Doug MacFaddin then worked in several business development positions before making the transition to real estate, where he currently thrives.

Although Doug is a business professional dedicated to his craft, he still loves to have fun outside of work and enjoy his hobbies. One of his greatest hobbies is technology. Doug has always been an avid lover of technology and its various sectors. He believes that, although many people see technology as a hinderance to productivity and a distraction from healthy living, Doug sees just how important tech is. It has forever changed the landscape of how we communicate and interact with one another. With the assistance of technology, we can now speak to one another almost instantly from virtually any corner of the earth; we can purchase goods and services from our homes, hotel rooms or even the subway; and we can travel around the world with ease. Technology is a crucial part of life, and Doug MacFaddin loves it for that. Whether it’s test driving the latest electric vehicles or watching the latest smartphone press conference, Doug’s affinity for smartphone knows no bounds.

On this site, Doug MacFaddin will discuss technology and how it impacts our lives. He will touch on a variety of companies and topics, like Apple and Samsung, smartphones, computers, video games, tablets, and everything else in between.