Douglas MacFaddin

Doug MacFaddin, 42, was born June 16th, 1961 in Ohio to parents Patricia Ann MacFaddin and Richard Willis MacFaddin. Doug’s mother’s maiden name is Morrison and she is the youngest of six other siblings, raise in Lycippus, PA. Doug’s father was the second of four children and was a twin. photo (1)Doug’s father was a researcher at Mound Laboratories in Miamisburg, Ohio. Mound was an Atomic Energy Commission facility for nuclear weapon research during the Cold War. Doug’s mother made a home for our family; his father passed away in 1991 and Doug’s mother is currently living in Avon, CT.

Doug MacFaddin is the oldest of five children. Doug lived in Ohio for two years and spent the following seven living in Murrysville,PA, outside of Pittsburgh. He then moved to Little Silver, NJ and then relocated during his senior year of high school to Avon, CT. Doug’s four siblings currently live with their families in Avon. During Doug’s senior year, he attended Avon High School and then spent the next four years at Union College, Schenectady, NY. Upon graduating, Doug MacFaddin received a BS in Industrial Economics in June 1983. After graduating, Doug found a job with Salomon Brothers, and after spending two years with the firm, was asked to attend a two-week seminar for Public Finance at the University of Michigan.

While working at Salomon Brothers, Doug MacFaddin was an analyst in their Public Finance department, and worked out of their On New York Plaza office. While working at Salomon Brothers, Doug lived in ark Slope, Brooklyn and spent the next four years working at Salomon Brothers. in 1987, Salomon Brothers disbanded their Public Finance department, and Doug found himself a new position at Dean Witter Reynolds in their Public Finance Department. The office was located in The World Trade Center.